Minecraft Realms and how to set them up.

In a lot of ways, setting up a Minecraft Realm is easier than setting up a website. When you sign up for a website, you have to find a company, get in touch with the company, make payment, get login information, access your server, stuff like that. With Minecraft, it’s a complete and utter no-brainer. The Minecraft program overtly drags you through the entire process.

Minecraft Realms are so easy it’d make your head spin, and so useful and fun that if you’re even remotely considering it – it’s worth the bother.

As this site is about the 3D web, and as Minecraft isn’t a web thing, I often draw parallels between the two. In this post, I’m gonna begin by rattling off any number of similarities between Minecraft and the Web. Continue reading “Minecraft Realms and how to set them up.”

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