360 Photos with Prisma Effects

I’ve seen the photos re-touched by the Prisma app for weeks. Just the other day, the app became available for Android. I’d been impressed by the things I’d seen. I downloaded it right away.

As I’d been having a good time with 360 photos recently, I decided I wanted to try to add Prisma effects to one of those. Could I make a 360 photo look like a 360 painting?

360 Photo with effects from the Prisma app. Looks like a 360 painting.

[Click image to enter photosphere.]

The Prisma app only gives you little square images as output. So, to make this “hi-rez”, I chopped it into 8 squares, and put each square through Prisma. Then, I stitched them back together again. It worked out pretty good – though there is quite a “seam” down the back of the image. Where the left side of the equirectangular image touches the right.

On the web

As before, I put this on the web with A-Frame. Because it’s very easy, for anyone, with any hardware, to get the most out of it.

I had so much fun making the first one, I made another one!

360 photo with the mosaic filter from the Prisma app

[click image to enter photosphere]

It’s likely that I will make another. If so, I’ll add it to this post…

Thanks for reading!

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Author: Pete

Editor-in-Chief, Lead Software Developer and Artistic Director @ 3dspace.com