VR Goggles and Corrective Eyewear (Glasses)

I was a little concerned about the optics in my first VR goggles, given that I wear glasses.

I’d heard that you can’t fit your glasses into the headset – and it’s true – you gotta take your glasses off, to put the headset on.

Samsung Gear VR goggles don't fit over glasses - but that's okay.
My first VR rig is the Samsung Gear VR Headset – and I wear glasses…

Now, my glasses are pretty pedestrian – not too powerful, and only correct for near-sightedness. I certainly have to wear them to drive. But I do take them off for photography – so I can press the viewfinder right against myself.

And, not too surprisingly, taking my glasses off, so the goggles can fit snugly on my face, is no big deal. In fact, it may be no bigger a deal for me, that it would be for anyone putting a rig on for the first time, glasses or no.

See that little black wheelie-thing, in the middle, on the top? That’s exactly like the one you know and love if you’ve ever used binoculars. You turn it back and forth, and at some point, what you’re looking at is in focus. Then, if you’re still paying attention, you can fiddle with it later to make it still in focus, but even more comfortably.

Part of how I use my camera with my glasses off is the same deal – a little wheelie adjuster that brings everything into focus for my eyes.

Of course, if I hand off my binoculars, or my VR rig, to a person with 20/20 vision, they’ll have to quickly adjust the little wheelie thing so that it is in focus for their eyes.

Then, I’ll have to re-adjust it when they hand it back.

I’ve done this so many times with binoculars, that it seems perfectly second-nature. And it’s EXACTLY the same with the VR goggles.

I’ve seen a lot of noise about people getting excited about being able to get “prescription” lenses for their high-end headsets. I don’t know if the high-end headsets even have an adjusy wheel. High end binoculars sure as heck do.

So, if you’re curious about getting a VR headset, and you’re concerned because you’ll have to take your glasses off to put it on – I’d use this as a rule of thumb:

If you can easily operate a pair of binoculars with your glasses off, you should be fine.

But make sure you get one with that little wheelie-adjuster thing on the top.

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Author: Pete

Editor-in-Chief, Lead Software Developer and Artistic Director @ 3dspace.com