Happy April Fool’s from Blend4web??

Oh, man, I saw this in my Twitter feed this morning, from Blend4web Community, and the cognitive dissonance is rolling through my head like virtual thunder.

Unity Technologies Switches to Blend4Web for its WebGL-Based Solutions

April Fools Blend4web
The black and white “Spy vs. Spy” appeal of this graphic re-enforces my belief that this is some kind of (clever) April Fool’s joke. But, may as well blog about it before I find out for sure…

Just last night, I posted an article entitled “Before I download Blend4web“. My big “thing” with wanting to explore Blend4web revolves around its openness – made from open source, outputs stuff that runs in any WebGL environment without a plugin.

Blend4web’s press release says:

According to the press release issued by Unity Technologies on their official website, the choice was made in response to Blend4Web’s core principles which are: open source, native code execution, cloud-independence and integration with the free and open source software Blender.

Yeah, I followed that link, and there IS no such press release.

Though, Blend4web’s own press release claims to quote Unity Executive Vice President David Helgason as follows:

Our new interactive visualization products will work in all standard browsers including mobile ones, and therefore, will not require downloading or installation of additional components or apps. This proves the feasibility of the web platform both for end users (3D graphics can easily be delivered to the general public) and for developers (write once, run anywhere). Both programmers and 3D artists appreciate the convenient development environment provided by Blend4Web, its powerful tools, high quality rendering and cross-platform performance…

If this is true – Mr. Helgason certain has my attention in a way he never had it before. And perhaps I will re-consider considering their product. But like I say – today is April 1.

NASA dumped Unity in favour of Blend4web

So why then the deep cognitive dissonance? Well, the two technologies are mutually exclusive competitors. One is nimble and obsessed by the web – the other monstrous and mostly sees the web as a somewhat inconvenient platform that is theirs to lose.

Last year, NASA abandoned Unity for their VR Mars rover project, stating “The reason is that Unity is seriously lagging behind when it comes to their WebGL exporter.


So – maybe Unity is making a wise decision here.

Or, maybe it’s just April Fools.

April Fools!

Anyway, that’s a real good joke. I’ve reacted to it.

I’m totally on board with these “core principles” of Blend4web. I’d be amused, most amused I tell you, if this “press release” turns out to be factual.

But, that does seem a little far-fetched. It does seem a little weird that there is no actual announcement from the Unity camp. And it does seem a little glaring that today is April 1. The day you’re supposed to yank peoples’ chains.

It’s a good one.




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