A Logo Made in Minecraft

I need a logo for this site, and any big enterprise that may arise from it.

I think it behooves me to have a really 3-dimensional logo. It seems trendy these days to have a logo that is some sort of stylized cube with its vertices painted flat, as though for printing. I think I want something really, really 3D.

a rough draft of a logo for 3dspace, designed and rendered in Minecraft

So I had this idea pop into my head – it’s a bit like the trendy cubish ones, but it is, indeed, really really 3D:

Because of all its Minecraftiness, I find it a little too busy. But other than that, I might like it.

Now that I have a grip on Blender, I could re-construct this there, with a bit less of the Minecraft beveling and texturing, and a bit more control over the proportions and the lighting and the perspective and all that good stuff. Let’s face it, Minecraft’s user interface isn’t exactly designed for creative endeavors anything like this.

It could still be a terribly 3-dimensional logo. As long as it “billboards”, of course – if you were to look at this from any other angle, it would quickly lose any of the sliver of meaning it currently has.


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Author: Pete

Editor-in-Chief, Lead Software Developer and Artistic Director @ 3dspace.com