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Okay, this post is more for me, than for public consumption. But it is topical and self-referential, so, here it goes.

Back in the ’90s, I had a site at I built all sorts of wacky stuff in VRML and Java. I had my friend Craig make some butt-kickin’ models in 3DSmax, and I brought them to life in some VRML worlds. I made constellation visualization utilities, stereoscopic viewmasters, function visualizations, bottomless pits, figure-8 bike tracks, and all sorts of stuff.

But I never wrote about “3D”. Or the “3D Web”. Nothin’, nadda, I thought it was a natural property of the Universe, and didn’t need to be talked about.

But then the 3D web failed to materialize. Shortly after the turn of the Century, VRML pretty much withered, and Java’s contribution, java3d, was officially mothballed, only to be largely replaced many years later by something that was a chunk of something that had little widespread appeal.

So now, almost 20 years later, when it seems like 3D web might be a real possibility, I want to dive back in – but with both feet.

This website, unlike, won’t just be a website with 3D stuff on it – it’s gonna be a website about the 3D web. Yeah, it’s gonna have 3D stuff on it. But I’m terribly fascinated by why it didn’t happen before – why it looks like it’s gonna happen now – and what it is about people and technology that will allow it to finally happen.

I’m writing these posts when I get a minute away from my work in the flat web. But I’m also starting to grind code. 3D code. My first experiments are with three.js. Which, perhaps ironically, or perhaps just interestingly, is derived from ActionScript – the scripting language of Flash, an animation tool I used for years, while it was commercially viable.

And the point of this blog post, about this very blog, is that that feels good. I’m not just thinking in 3D – I’m thinking about 3D. The two feel good together in my head. They balance and re-enforce eachother.

Soon, I will figure out how to get these three.js canvas things that render my code to work politely inside my WordPress. Then, this site will both be about 3D and contain 3D content. Perhaps, in harmony with the way coding and writing about feels in my brain, it will make for a more well-balanced website.

Someday, this post will be so far down the archives that no-one will see it except for the very determined and curious. And if that’s you – well, thanks for going to the bother! It’s nice to have you here.


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Author: Pete

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